Crystal Connections

On our most recent episode I talked a lot about crystals. My lack of knowledge on them, my opinion on them, how I have a kinship with a select few of them, and how I truly believe one helped protect me from physical harm.  After all this crystal talk I figured I’d do an experiment. What I wanted to test was if I could essentially scroll through a list of crystals, properties unknown, and using my abilities find ones that connected with me. I wasn’t surprised that worked, but I was surprised at how well it did.

Below are a list of crystals that I feel a strong connection with. I never imagined there would be so many, or in hindsight, how few. There are hundreds of crystals, even including different colors and how those slight changes affect the crystal’s properties, and yet I only felt connected to fifth-teen.

I’ve listed some of the properties of each crystal and mineral below. In all honesty a lot of them are similar, enhances psychic ability, higher vibration, a few even assist with communication and being able to find balance in that and in your personal truth or destiny. Yet I realized that each property is something I’m greatly invested in learning and strengthening in my life. 


  • A mineral which contains levels of lead.
  • Used for spiritual awakening, transformation, and healing of the soul by providing insight into life events and fears which may hindering spiritual evolution.
  • Protects against radiation and electromagnetic pollution as well as psychic attacks.

Abalone Shell

  • Healing for the entire body.
  • Helps the user with emotional expression and promotes calmness. Often used during smudgings or cleansings.
  • Increases psychic development, creativity, imagination, and clarity. 

Picture Jasper

  • Helps to sort through past fears. Assists in submersing someone into another’s culture while traveling.
  • Helps to bring one’s hopes and dreams into fruition. 
  • Provides relaxation, clarity, and boosts energy.


  • Peaceful, calming, and uplifting.
  • Assists during meditation to connection with higher realms. Provides healing and clarity for spiritual growth, and enhancing one’s intuition.
  • Helps to strengthen the connection between spirit guides and angels.


  • Protects those who may be more sensitive. It helps one become more aligned with the power of the moon and is very helpful for gardeners, artists, and teenagers growing into adulthood.
  • Assists with psychic abilities and awareness, self-awareness, and one’s intuition. It also creates harmony and peace, and protects on voyages.
  • Provides clarity during emotionally or spiritually charged events.

Tiger’s Eye

  • Center’s the user and protects from evil spirits or the evil eye.
  • Provides clarity and balance while guiding one to higher gentler vibrations.
  • Balances chakras and centers the user.


  • Great for meditation or energy work.
  • Assists with creating and/or strengthening connections to higher realms and enhancing one’s psychic ability. Also assists with seeing one’s inner truth.
  • Different color crystals also carry additional properties, such as green helps to connect with nature spirits.

Rutilated Quartz

  • Characterized by tiny hair like needles within the stone known as, “The Hairs of Venus”. 
  • Assists with elevating one’s vibration and connection with the Divine.
  • Amplifies energy and intention which makes it great for enhancing psychic abilities, meditation, and energy or magic work.


  • Thought of to be a legendary stone revered for it’s power. Often used in amulets.
  • Used to help one keep calm and balanced as well as stimulate confidence when speaking.
  • Filters out energy by absorbing unwanted energy and dispersing negative energy. Helps to align astral senses and bodies  as well as strengthening one’s intuition. 


  • Assists in helping achieve a higher vibration and increase one’s understanding of their spiritual destiny.
  • Used to cleanse energy, and boost spiritual enlightenment and psychic abilities. Provides clarity and helps improve one’s will.
  • Protects against negative psychic energy or alien influence, psychic vampirism, negative attachments, and possession.


  • Heavy healer shamanic crystal also called “Tonic Stone”.
  • Used to clarify and release intense or stuck energy, strengthens one’s connection with the universe and mystic realms, and remove or block negative energy.
  • Protects against negative energy and influences. Assists the user in personal and spiritual growth. Helps in locating “lost” objects. 

A few other crystals I recently found myself to have a connection to include: Apophyllite, Lapis Lazuli,  Orange Selenite, and Champagne (Smokey) Aura Shiva.

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