Darlie Routier Case

Our latest Patreon exclusive episode revolved around the case of Darlie Routier. I managed to find two photos that I referenced during the episode, as well as the silly string video.

This is a picture of the garage window which police and the prosecution stated contained mulch underneath. Part of their case against Darlie was that if there was indeed a perpetrator he would have left an impression in the bed of mulch underneath the window which he entered and exited. However, there is clearly no mulch underneath the window. There are numerous articles which state that underneath this window there is concrete (although from the quality of the photo it looks like gravel). 

It should also be noted that the window is quite low to the ground. It would be easy to step in and out of the window without disturbing the dust on the windowsill, another thing the prosecution brought up in their case against Darlie.

This bread knife is the knife which was tested and found to contain traces of a rubbery compound and fiberglass rods. The screen of the garage window also contained these compounds which lead the police and prosecution to believe Darlie slashed the window herself in an attempt to fabricate an intruder.

As I noted in the episode, it’s strange that these materials were found on the bread knife but not the butcher block, which is where the knife appeared to be. To me that means that either, if this knife was indeed used to cut the screen and not some other type of material with the same similar compounds it was washed before being put back into the butcher block allowing for most of the material to disappear but not all of it, or the items collected were not dusted correctly.

A popular opinion is that the forensic team may have dusted the window first, then dusted the knives, resulting in a transference of the materials from one area to another. 

While the quality of this video is poor (1996) it does a good job of explaining several things brought up about the silly string video within the Darlie’s trial which are problematic. She didn’t bring the silly string and decorations, her sister did. There was a service held before this birthday party where everyone, including Darlie was emotional, however during the trial she was painted as an unloving, materialistic, mother who was not grieving the death of her children. The service prior to this video was never shown to the jurors during the trial.

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  1. I don’t care who brought the silly string, Darlie was the one spraying it like her children were still alive. Darlie Routiers mother has a copy of the video of of the prayer service as does Routier’s lawyer. The reason they still don’t show it is because Darlie was acting like she was at a summer festival at the prayer service as well. Darlie Routier murdered Devon and Damon. Darlie and her husband Darin failed their polygraph and all the brilliant legal appellate judges that denied all current appeals know a child killer is sitting on death row. Both sides of Devon and Damon’s families are disgusting. There are crimes so repulsive…so heinous…that cross the line of demarcation, forgiveness and mercy is not an option. It’s time for justice for Devon and Damon.

    Jade says:
    1. As always Jade, you rock. Will see you on the JUstice site for Devon and Damon who have been forgotten by their families, but not us.
      Best regards, Alli Hutto

      U2Love says:

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