I have been seeing the term Ostara all over social media, but I honestly had no idea what it was. So, as any answer seeking person who figured it had to be more than just “another word for the Vernal Equinox/Spring” I looked it up.

You know that feeling you have? The one that says let’s open the blinds, let fresh air into the house, cleanse everything, maybe take care of the yard? That’s all attributed to spring and that, my loves, is Ostara. It’s about colors, light, rebirth, planting new seeds, even fertility! This is the time to appreciate and celebrate the earth.

But where did Ostara come from? Ostara or Eostra is the Saxon goddess who represents dawn. Her name means East. If you are familiar with the triple goddess symbol, she is the Maiden, reborn after the Crone. 

From WiccanSpells.Info

Her depiction matches her season, surrounded with budding plants trees and light. Her symbols, the egg and rabbit, further speak of her great affinity with fertility. Ostara falls on the equinox because it is the day where light and darkness will be equal. It begins the time of light where crops are more abundant and is viewed as a time of renewed hope.

This is a time for balance, renewal, rebirth, and growth. Plant something new! Revive your home with fresh colors of pastels, tulips, sunflowers, or even a fresh herb garden. Revive yourself! Be positive, find clarity in your worries, begin a new project, get in touch with who you are.

But most of all, take care, and enjoy this day and everyday to the fullest.


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