About Melissa

Well hello there fine person it's nice to officially meet you. .

I started The Haunted Ride podcast to help people, and in turn, it helped me accept several of the creepy, typically thought of crazy, paranormal things that have happened in my life. It also opened me up to accept my spiritual abilities, path, my past mistakes, my future goals, and love who I am.

Some of the experiences I've had include ghosts, attached spirits, demon encounters, an angel encounter, energy vampires, spirit guides, faeries, golems, an alien sighting, and a cryptid. You can hear all about these on the show, and many more experiences that I could have never imagined.

While I'm not a fan of labels, I do understand that I'm a psychic, empath, and medium. I'm deeply in love with this universe and it's important to me to build upon the connection I have with it and our beautiful planet earth. I believe there is magic in everyone and everything. I also believe anyone is capable of having paranormal experiences or abilities if they open themselves up to it.

I'm a tarot card reader, and crystal believer. I perform picture readings, often get premonitions or am able to read the projections of people's thoughts and of course their feelings. I have done elemental divination, tea leaf readings, astral projection, spell work, past life work, and healing work.

If you're into astrology my sun sign is Gemini/Cancer cusp, ascendant is Scorpio, my moon sign is Virgo, and I've got a little bit of Leo in there from time to time. I'm also an INFJ-A.

In my spare time I can be found humming or singing, dancing anytime I can, cooking or baking, gardening, meditating, performing yoga, or writing.

If you'd like to visit my personal/writing blog click here!

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