Energy Animal 01/14/20

Today the falcon has a message for us. When we are unsure, we are able to focus. When we need help and assistance, we are able to get it. We are able to receive all of the things we need as long as we have the dedication and focus for our task.

This animal reminds us of our connection to the sky, the universe. That we are able to rise above our struggles and the universe will give us the wind beneath our wings that we need to take flight.

Whatever your passion is right now lay down the building blocks to take the next steps you were too afraid to. I know for a lot of people they felt drained, even held back at the start of the new year. They weren’t able to release and finally break free until after the full moon, but with abundance comes clarity and now development. Don’t take the plunge just yet, this is an idea that’s building and expanding but this is your time to know you can do this. You can put the fire behind your idea.

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