Energy Reading 1/15/20

Stress is rampant today. Your computer isn’t working, that person is getting on your last nerves, and to top it all off you’re so busy you feel like you can’t breathe. But, amongst it all, do not forget to be positive.

I know that may seem hard. When so much is weighing on your shoulders how are you supposed to be positive? Remember that this is only a temporary phase. We go through many lessons in our lives to help us learn something that will benefit us in the future, try and believe in that. Take a breather if you need. Go on a short walk, drive to the park, escape for half a second so you can come back with a better mentality. Talk to a friend or companion. Find something that makes you laugh, rest, relax, do a hobby you enjoy. Stress can teach you a lot, so be willing to learn just not willing to consume it.

This is an important lesson to learn especially now. You’re trying to bring and talk abundance into your life, but you can’t do that if you can’t appreciate the things you already have.

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