Energy Reading 12/30/19

Today’s energy reading is a leave over from yesterday, the message is “Perseverance through love.” Sometimes we can feel alone. We feel as though we have to fight, alone, or perhaps we feel lonely. With the end of this year swiftly approaching it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the people who have come and gone, all of the memories, all the experiences we wanted to happen that perhaps, didn’t. And that’s okay.

But you’re not alone. Those memories can be good and pure, those experiences which may have not occurred the way you wanted to, will lead to something more, and if you cannot find your footing know that you are never truly alone. You have a family of people behind you, whether you can see them right now or not. Do not let the negativity, tension, or stress cause you to forget their presence. Lean on them to help you regain your footing, believe in yourself that you’re on the right path. Share your compassion, share your love and gratefulness with these people and let it further cement the bond between you. Let that light help you shine as we end this year and start a new one.

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