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59: Ground, Center, and Shield

Corbie joins me on this month's episode to share some of the amazing experiences she's had in her work. Corbie does Tarot Card Readings and Past Life Readings full time and has written two books:
The Psychic Yellow Brick Road
Clean Out Your Life Closet

Corbie is a true storyteller. The way she shares her experiences and the things she has gone through is done in such a way that it draws you into that moment in time. If that is not enough her personality is simply amazing as she delivers honest information bluntly, no sugar coating. I appreciated having her on the show and her advise could not have come at a better time. Learn how to ground, center, and shield yourself. It's not just for psychic or energetic work. It can actually assist you in your day to day life if you let it.

You can find Corbie here at or on Facebook or Twitter.

Learning to love who you are inside and out is a constant process, but it's one of the best gifts you can give yourself.