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Current Website/Podcast Changes

Hello, everyone,

I wanted to make you all aware of the current website and podcast changes that will be coming the start of the new year:

  • Website redesign with individual pages for the podcast, store, forum, and
  • Decreased the Tarot Card Reading price from $18 dollars to $13 dollars as a special sale price until March
  • Added an Intuitive Counseling service
  • Will host two to three workshops next year
  • Crystals that are for sale will be up at the start of the new year.
  • I will not be posting the podcast weekly anymore and will stick to around once a month for now. This new schedule will allow me to follow where my guides are trying to take me, which I can't do with a weekly schedule and full dedication to the podcast as it takes entirely way too much time.
  • Patreon page deletion
  • Facebook Page deletion
  • Facebook Group deletion
  • Changed social media handles to @thespiritkey
  • Will be most active on Instagram
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