Interesting Dreams – 1

I woke up four times this morning and was, understandably, exhausted. The last time I woke up, I began to dream.

In the dream, I rolled over, got out of bed, and began to open the curtains. There, towards the side of my house, were four young adult crocodiles. Their tails were to me, and their mouths towards my neighbor’s house.

I was, of course, extremely concerned about this. Four crocodiles in my back yard? Suddenly, the largest boa constrictor I have ever seen began to slither around the side of my house. It was careful not to touch the crocodiles as it moved behind them ready to strike. At this point, I felt calmer. I knew the snake was there to protect me. My dog had also come to sit next to me as the scene began to unfold.

The snake struck one of the crocodiles right in the middle of the four. It then began to coil around the bottom of its body from the abdomen up. It hoisted the crocodile in the air and a Cranosauria stood up from the other side of my neighbor’s fence and ate the crocodile in almost one bite.

The snake dropped to the ground, without being harmed. It hissed at the other crocodiles in a way to say, “Get the fuck out,” and then I woke up.

The common name for my snake power animal is a Titanoboa, so seeing a boa constrictor, especially one that large did not surprise me. I think that’s why, even in the dream, I knew it was there to protect me. However, I didn’t understand what the crocodiles meant.

According to the search I did for “crocodile dream meanings,” crocodiles are symbols of worry and stress. Killing a crocodile in any way, shape, or form, means you are conquering that worry and it will soon leave your life.

So, the message for today is, kill your dream crocs folks.

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