Lessons Learned in Louisiana

This post came a little later than I planned due to being sick and needing to recuperate. In my previous post I mentioned that I wasn’t going to Louisiana on a joy trip, but more as an experience. I knew that by traveling I would learn several lessons that I needed to. This post details each of them, and I’m writing it to serve as a reminder that whether a situation ends up positive or negative, there’s always something wonderful in it for you.

What I’ve learned

  1. I still love photography. I love taking a moment and capturing a bit of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. The pieces we don’t always notice, but that are always there.
  2. Lafayette feels like a cleaner version of Florida. Each area, city, and state have their own energy and while Florida has the sea to provide a bit of cleanliness, it’s oddly not as clean as Lafayette. The air is lighter, food is more decadent, and it’s not as people dense as Florida. All of this makes the energy more apparent. It’s very easy to taste and feel, it’s easier to perform magical tasks in this city then any of the ones I’ve been to in Florida.
  3. Lafayette makes Florida’s prices seem cheap. This is a funny lesson for me as I normally feel a lot of Florida’s prices are more expensive and our cost of living here is ridiculously out of balance. But, seeing this actually made me feel better about where I shop and what I buy when in Florida. For the first time, I was actually thankful about living in Florida.
  4. Having climate control in a car is amazing, and when I get a new car I will make sure I have this incredibly amazing and efficient feature in my vehicle.
  5. Even in crappy situations I can still smile and feel/show warmth. Unfortunately, during my flight I got sick and even had to buy a new wardrobe in the middle of the trip. I actually just started feeling better this week, and my diet has mostly returned to normal. Yet, even with all of this, my personality never changed. I still smiled, laughed, and shared myself with those around me.
  6. Passive Voice is incredibly confusing. I write in a very unique way, of which WordPress co doesn’t always seem to appreciate. It explains when I use passive voice, and by researching and attempting to fix it I’ve learned quite a lot. As someone who loves to write both here and in my stories, this is a big help for me.
  7. When I feel tired, I need to go to sleep. My body gives me a time limit when I’m sleeping, so I typically refuse to sleep in order to ensure I wake up exactly when I need to, and not earlier. I normally can’t get more than 8 hours of sleep, if I do that means I’m very sick. Otherwise, this means I may wake up hours earlier then necessary. I always worry that by waking up earlier, I’ll find myself more tired at the end of the day. However, with all my worrying, I forgot all of the benefits this gives me. I get to appreciate the sunrise more often, spend more me time (yoga, meditation, breathing work). I may even cook earlier than I normally would. This made me realize I need to listen to my body more instead of what I think may ease my mind.
  8. My guides and elements are always there, and always help me. They stayed by me and I could feel them through the whole trip, guiding, protecting, and healing me. The experience was magical, and I even found I had a new spirit animal along for the ride.

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