Meditation with The Priestess

Normally, when I’m meditating all I will see is a bright space. It’s so bright that with my eyes, I cannot see in it, but with my mind’s eye I know exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing. However, normally, I don’t remember any of it. I don’t remember what I saw, almost like I’m walking through it blindly. But this time, was different.

As I began to meditate and go deeper into the meditation, suddenly a third eye appeared on my forehead, however, not where we believe our third eye to actually be. Instead, it was to the left, vertically leveled with my left eye but above it. It was turned vertically but opened with the eye and pupil looking the same way our eyes would.
I have never seen this before, ever.

As this eye began to open, the Craniosauria I saw the other day, became me. I realized then that in the dream, I was that dinosaur. It wasn’t a spirit or power animal, or some sort of metaphor, that was me. That was how strong, fast, and powerful I was. That was me taking control of my worries and my life. That was me working with my power animal to reshape the space around me.

After that, I saw a bowl in my left hand. This bowl was made of warm light power that I normally surround myself with to scan my body and see how I’m doing when meditating. In my other hand was a chalice. I then saw myself sitting similarly to how I currently was, surrounded by snow. There was a blizzard happening, quick and heavy.

In this space, my hair turned completely white and cascaded down my back. I looked different, my skin was a silver color, and my eyes were harder, sterner and an ice cold silver color tinged with blue.

I realized that this reminded me very much of The Priestess card. Not a version I have, but of the card itself. This card has been coming up a lot for me as I’ve grown spirituality. It is an incredibly high form of myself.

Recently, according to my cards, I was told that future version of myself was closer than it was months ago. I think this visualization was showing me that I had gotten to that point, officially now. With my acceptance of that, my second third eye flew completely open with such force that I opened my eyes from the meditation.

I still feel that eye right now, above my own. I feel the effect on my actual third eye. While this was happening, my dog began whining. This is something she’ll do when I’m myself, but my energy is a little different. Up until this point, she was completely silent and resting, so whatever was happening it was tangible enough for her to feel it.

I have no idea what all of this means exactly, but I am very excited about the development. Have you ever had a visualization while meditating? If so, I’d love to hear your story! Either comment below, email it to or submit it through

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