Solar Plexus Chakra

One of the groups I recently joined was an empath group. In it they have a list of articles and posts which are for empaths to help you understand your gifts. Suddenly, my eyes glanced across a term that I had never heard before, but the moment I saw it I instantaneously knew I needed to learn more. That term was the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Now I don’t know much about chakras at all. I’ve seen them, personally, once. I’ve tried those meditative apps for chakras on my phone, but they rarely feel right for me. However, I’ve always known I have something behind my navel, which is where this chakra is said to reside.

For me, I’ve always seen this, thing there. It’s like a voided circle. However, it has no limit. It’s vast and expansive, and when I look into it I feel as though I’m in a meditative state viewing a different plane. When I’m happy, positive, and joyful this place is filled with the purest whitest light. It’s comforting and peaceful. However, when I’m negative, sad, down, worried, or stressed, black spots appear. They will coexist with the lighted area, unless I’m trying to overcome the darkness and need help. At that point it looks as if the light is warring against the darkness. Sort of like those CGI views where the immune system attacks a virus in the body. The light surrounds the dark particles and it doesn’t remove them, it fills them with light until they become light.

After this war I will feel a little tired, but better. I’ll be able to take negative things that happen within the day easier. It’s as if I am water and they are oil, they roll right off of me. I’ve described this to someone once who appeared to know about this “other” chakra, and that some people have it, but they did not know the name of it. They also didn’t know anything about being able to see a light or darkness in it.

Apparently the solar plexus is the seat of emotions. Empaths who take on other’s emotions make this place burdened, and once they cleanse themselves, this chakra will be clear and well aligned. Apparently this is also why people who worry a lot, empaths especially are more prone to stomach issues (something I didn’t realize was a common thought among empaths, but I also have, especially if worried or stressed). This includes, ulcers, IBS, diarrhea, etc.

Whether you believe in chakras or not it is an interesting thought. There are different cultures and religions, and even in science we now recognize that stress creates chemical imbalances which affect certain organs first, one of those being the stomach. So who knows what’s behind it or what causes it?

I think one of the most important things to realize is how much our emotions affect us and in what ways. We should do things that create joy and positivity in us and remove things that inspire negativity. Life’s too short. But if you do believe in chakras or know anything about them, leave a comment! I’d love to know your experience with them or what you’ve been taught/believe.

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