57: The World Is A Playground

Sarah Goff joins me in today’s episode. An amazing intuitive and light worker who encourages people to remember that this … Read More57: The World Is A Playground

Traveling When You’re an Empath

Being an Empath may not be the easiest thing. A lot of empaths don’t know how to acknowledge their gifts, use them, or protect themselves with them, which can make traveling a nightmare. Hopefully, the tips below will help you with your next amazing adventure. … Read More >Traveling When You’re an Empath

37: Paranormal 101

In this week’s episode I decided to take you guys on a journey through the deep world of the paranormal. … Read More37: Paranormal 101

34: The Butterfly Connection

This week’s episode has a very special guest, Laura. Laura joins me to share her experiences with spirit guides, spirit … Read More34: The Butterfly Connection

33: Motivational Time with Melissa

In this week’s episode I discuss just how important self love, and self growth are to our spirituality. It’s important … Read More33: Motivational Time with Melissa

32: Our Magical World

In this week’s episode I have a lovely interview with Myrelle. We discuss tarot cards, divination, discernment, the troubles and … Read More32: Our Magical World