When You See Land Spirits

In a previous episode of my podcast, The Haunted Ride, I spoke about the first time that I saw land spirits. Land spirits have their own unique energy. They tend to feel, refreshing, spectacular, and like the most natural thing, you’ve ever seen. I would think it’s akin to when you see a whale or dolphin for the first time. That sort of euphoria at the beauty and naturalness of this world.

However, last night, was different. Instead of a passing interaction, the land spirits sought me out specifically. While driving home on a road that I take five times a week, a shadow came into my peripheral vision. A small part of me wondered if it may have been another car. But then that breath-taking feeling rushed through me, that naturalness, and then I felt curiosity.

I only felt it for a split second but I could pinpoint it easily. It was in the woods, staring at me. Large, dark, animalistic, and highly invested in my presence. It did not feel threatening, yet I could tell that it could be if it deemed necessary. It was completely intelligent, aware, and able to communicate with me on a human level. This spirit never communicated with me vocally, just by emotion and intent. However, it made it clear that if I respect it, I will not share exactly what it is.

After passing that spirit, I started laughing. I’ve always said this area is surrounded by faeries. Well, wouldn’t you know, one appeared! It looked more like a pixie. Six wings, a shadow just like all of the other land spirits I’ve seen, mischievous. It was not like the other fae that I’ve seen. Honestly, to suggest it would be insulting to it. Instead it could be vicious. That one could hold a grudge, and distribute it’s wrath however it sees fit. But that’s not what it was there for. I truly believe if I would have never had that thought, it would have never shown itself to me.

I share all of this to say there are many wonders in this world. Every spirit has it’s own persona, including land spirits, fae, elementals. So many people want to see these beings, but it’s not just about what you want, they have to be willing to show themselves to you as well. It’s an exchange. So be mindful of the space around you and what you inhabit. You never know what could be watching.

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